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When the idea of ​​an online resource center on regulation, self-regulation and media education was launched by Mr Lajmi, President of HAICA, the Council of Europe wanted to be on his side. because this platform represents a formidable relay of the standards and principles that the Council of Europe promotes in this area in the southern Mediterranean and beyond. Media regulation, often considered a subject for specialists, has come back to the fore in the digital age.

The role of audiovisual regulatory authorities in relation to the media content produced by online platforms, the impact of platforms in electoral processes, the extent of monitoring applied to the production of media content by the platforms are as many challenges facing the media world today and the answers to which can only be found through research and dialogue between academia and media professionals, States, regulators but also the private sector. The Online Resource Center has the ambitious vocation of wanting to fuel debate and scientific thinking through better access to resources in this area.

Given the extent of the phenomenon of disinformation and the constant presence of information in our daily lives, media education has become a pressing subject from a human rights perspective because it is an indispensable instrument for citizenship. active and full participation in contemporary societies.

Recommendation CM / Rec (2018) 1 on media pluralism and transparency of their ownership invites member states to develop a comprehensive approach to the issue of media education, and also identifies obligations on the part of regulatory authorities media as well as media organizations regarding MIL. The Resource Center for Media Regulation is a key instrument in promoting this knowledge essential to the exercise of democratic debate.

We therefore hope that access to the resources provided by the Resource Center for Media Regulation, a regional and universal instrument, can enable media regulatory authorities, self-regulatory bodies and academics and researchers, media professionals, and a wide audience to provide input.

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I am very happy to welcome you to the website of the Media Regulation Resource Center, called “CRRM”. This center, which is presented exclusively in the form of a dedicated website, was born from a reflection carefully shared between the institutional partners who contributed to the implementation of this project, namely the Council of Europe and the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication, HAICA.